Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tin Received from Ann Flowers

I received my first covered tin from the CQI swap from Ann Flowers this week and to say I am tickled pink would be putting it mildly! If I could reach through the postal service and pull mine back I would because I don't think they come close to the level of what I have received here. Both sides of the tin are covered with the most exquisite, tiny stitching! Isn't it gorgeous?!
Best of all, look at this! It is made up to be a tiny little purse! I just love this idea! I have already shown it off to the ladies at the quilt store on the way home and they absolutely drooled!

I can't get over the detail on this tin. Ann has painted the parts of the tin that still show to exactly match some of the fabrics - perfect! Inside she personalized it by painting my name and also hers and the date she made it. The pincushion is attached and is beautifully constructed and topped with a mother of pearl button. It is so pretty I am not sure what I will use it for - seems much too nice to kick around in my purse as a sewing kit so perhaps it will end up on my Christmas tree.

And as if it weren't lovely enough, Ann included more treasures inside for me to play with: some beautiful lace from a dress her grandmother started 30 years ago and never finished! And two skeins of beautiful varigated silk floss from Hand-Dyed Fibers! I have been dying to try this thread so it will get put to use right away.
Thank you again, Ann - everything is just too lovely! I feel blessed!

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Skye said...

Kerry, it's lovely!! With being in an RR with her, I do know the quality of work she does..It's gorgeous and I can see why you are so delighted..hugs, Skye