Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Covered Tin 1

This is the little collection of tins I have accumulated so I was all ready when a covered tin swap was announced at CQI! I will post my completed tins over the next couple days but here is the first one.
I used the Sucrets tin for this first one and covered the inside with gold coloured silk, adding a pincushion made of silk and tatting and trimmed with organza ribbon. I also added a band of tatted edging so that the recipient can slip a package of needles or perhaps very tiny scissors in there and have it held securely. On the inside of the lid I added a magnet to hold a needle or two in use and trimmed that with tatting as well.
I used dupioni silk for the outside in a gold colour as well, trimming it out with silver bead "feet", some gold metallic trim, more ribbon and some trim I picked up in a sari shop.The top of the tin has a tatted medallion and on it I used silk ribbon to add two large roses: one rolled rose and one spider web rose. I added three organza roses, some beaded forget-me-nots, and some embroidered leaves. Lesson learned - if you want to add leaves on top of tatting, silk ribbon would be the way to go! lol

This project was more of a challenge than I thought it would be, mostly in the assembly process. Everything is so tiny and I have such big "man hands"!


Annie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I abandoned a project to cover a tin in x-stitch. I got so frustrated trying to make the template for the top. I kept cutting it too big or too small and I could never get it precisely shaped either. Any tips?

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Annie! I'll try to make notes on the next one - this one was, as you say, an exercise in frustration! Under this pretty surface is a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears & GLUE!

Anonymous said...

Kerry. Your First tin turned out Lovely. You did a wonderful job. I really like the inside. It is so pretty. I am sure whoever gets this will LOVE it!!