Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cobi's Spider II RR Block

I have finished my work on Cobi's Spider II block and am sending it on. The first thing I did was the wisteria in the bottom left hand corner. Details and a closeup picture were posted earlier here. It was my sample sean for week 31 of the BAS (Build a Seam Challenge).
The other work I did is here in the upper right hand corner. Debbie had started a silk ribbon garden with the coneflowers and the little dragonfly charm. I added a unusually short hollyhock and a calla lily plant to complete the garden.
To the right of the garden I added a trim on the seam. There is a little story with the trim. When my friend, Ilys, and I went to Toronto we went to the Mokuba store and each left carrying a little sandwich size baggie and more than $100 poorer! This trim was one I fell in love with. It was very expensive - can't remember now if it was $35 or $65 a meter/yard but one or the other. I couldn't bring myself to buy a meter but bought the 4" sample size (which the ladies there were kind enough to measure very generously!) in the hopes I could "build" the trim myself later. I haven't got around to that yet but still have a couple inches left in case I decide to. Anyway, I have been hoarding this tiny piece of trim for a couple years now and when I saw the colours in Cobi's block I had to let go of it. To me it was a good match, colour and theme-wise. So, Cobi, not only do you have a piece of my trim on my block - you actually have a piece of my heart!


Maggie R said...

Your work is amazing.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

i will need to get more familiar with my dictionary and thesaurus, I am running out of words to use to describe your stunning and beautiful work. I love your flowers. ok I love all of it:)