Thursday, July 23, 2009

Second Covered Tin Received - from Diane!

This week the mail brought me my second of three tins in the CQI Covered Tin Swap. This one is from Diane. She is very tricky - the picture she had posted to the group was very fuzzy. Now I know why - my initial! lol I never suspected! So, now I have taken a clearer picture for everyone to admire. The tin is lovely - the bluebird is especially charming. It reminds me of the birds in Walt Disney's Cinderella - where they help to decorate her gown.

The inside of the tin is made up as a little sewing case complete with pincusion. And it had treasures inside: a threader, needles and a beautiful Mary E. button! I love the button and already have a place in mind to use i! Thank you Diane!


Skye said...

It's wonderful Kerry..I bet you are really delighted with this tin..Have fun! hugs, Skye

Cindy said...

Just thought I would let you know I received your wonderful tin and I love it.
Thanks so much.

Ann Flowers said...

that is a lovely tin. And we can always use needles. She is very tricky. It is so pretty when it is not all blurry