Sunday, October 19, 2008

Second Breast Cancer Block

This is the second block I did for the breast cancer quilt Leslie is organizing. The picture is dark with lots of shadows but that makes it possible to see some details - difficult with white on white. In real life it is much lighter so once again a little imagination is necessary. As with the previous block, this one is made with wedding dresses. I used a lot of lace from the stash as well as some motifs from the wedding dresses and veils I picked up at the thrift store for this project. The little pearl heart on the bottom right hand corner came from the head dress of one of the veils that "came with". The huge sequined and glittered motif was the focal point at the waist of the most gorgeous wedding dress. If the hanging pearls are "too much", I've asked Leslie to just snip them off. All the other laces were from the stash. I love the little doves and added a gold charm for them to hold in their beaks. Not much else of note here - just added seam treatments and it was ready to go.

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Linda said...

Kerry my precious angel your breast cancer blocks are second to none, and the dangles on the beaded centre are what sets it apart.

Love your blog