Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hideko's RR Block

I have been working on a block of Hideko's as a "round robin angel". The angels stitch on blocks to replace lost ones or to fill in where others have had to drop out. This block was from a favourite book round robin - the book Hideko based her block on was "Lark Rising", and in particular the chapter on a May Day celebration.
I hate to admit defeat but this block was difficult for me. I knew what I wanted to create - a SRE May Day bower as described in the book but could not do it justice and at that point nothing else I could think of made me happy. Also, the stitchers before me on this block were some of the best around and they were a very hard act to follow. I dithered for quite a long time before finally realizing I had to get on with it and get the block moving again. I didn't do as much on the block as I would have liked and it isn't as good as I would have liked - but at least the block is on its way again, heading to Jo in NZ, who I know will pull it all together and finish it beautifully!
So, the first thing I did was to add the silkie of the little girl with her apron full of flowers. She looked to me like she could be part of the May Day celebrations. I used french knots in silk perle to accent the flowers in the print and edged the whole thing with a simple tatted edging.
Next thing I did was a simple seam in the corner of a double row of herringbone stitches, added some straight stitches and some beads. Lastly I added a bit of lace to the corner which seemed to fit in there.
This last picture is the block in its entirety when it left here. As you can see, the stitching on it when it got to me was tremendous! I can't wait to see what Jo does...


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Thanks so much for your stitching as an Angel. I love your beautiful seam! A girl of the silkie is so lovely it just fits the theme!! Hideko

Thelma said...

I think it looks absolutely beautiful Kerry,,you are much to hard on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kerry--I thought this one was a toughie, and I was the first one who had it! You did some beautiful seam work here, helping to tie it together. Now is it my imagination or what--I'm re-thinking that big pansy now that I see it again here. Will have to email Jo and tell her to frog it if necessary--hope it didn't throw you too much. Hugs, Lynn in SoCal