Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Market in Nelson, B.C.

On our recent little holiday to Trail in British Columbia we made a stop at the Market in Nelson, B.C. I love this market and can just imagine spending my summer Saturdays hanging out there selling little crazy quilted items! The Market seems to be a mecca for the arts and crafts crowd and I always find myself thinking, "Oh, so this is where all the hippies went!" lol There is an abundance of wonderful baking like the enormous cinnamon buns this fellow with the Mel Gibson blue eyes was selling.
There was live entertainment on the day we visited, provided by this lady with the harp. I so seldom hear the harp - I don't suppose any of us do! - but it is such a beautiful instrument whenever I hear it I wonder why it isn't around more.
I always find something to buy at the market - not counting the cinnamon buns which are a given. There are vintage textiles: doilies, aprons, etc. I am always on the lookout for another chickenscratch apron or tablecloth to add to my growing collection or some cutter doilies for the crazy quilting. You can buy canning, crystals, jewelry, etc. On this visit I found some wonderful dulse, very fresh and delicious. Not an easy thing to find on the landlocked prairie where I live. If you don't know, dulse is a lovely purple seaweed which is harvested in the Maritime provinces. When I was a child we bought bags of it in the corner stores where it sat happily between the bags of chips and things like that. Not only is it delicious but it is the highest form of protein found in a plant that is still digestible.

So, if you are ever in Nelson in the summer - check out the Market. You'll love it!


Joyce in BC said...

Kerry - I just love Nelson in the summer- the people watching is incredibly interesting! Once there was a "parade" of musicians led by a "pied piper" that danced up one side of the street, up and over benches, etc, and back down the other side all the while playing their instruments. Right out of another world!
BTW Kerry, where are people posting their pictures of their "build a seam"? Would love to see some.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Joyce!
I was hoping people would send me their pictures of the seams and I could post them but I think I'll have to chase them down! lol I'll get on that right now - hopefully I'll have some up on the blog later today.

Annie said...

What a cool place. I wouldn't be surprised to find some of my old hippie friends there.