Monday, September 15, 2008

The Giveaway Is Won! Congratulations

Good morning! Well, I came home from the lake yesterday afternoon and the first thing I did this morning was to fill up my trusty ice cream tub with the 38 names of people who commented on the Giveaway Post. DD did the honours of pulling the name and the winner is..... (drum roll please)....... Cathy K!

So, I started with the basic squishie containing a couple of oyas, two specialty threads, a few lengths of fancy yarns (they make such great seaweed couched down with feather stitch!), a silkie Jill made of a little victorian girl with a snowshovel, a couple pieces of gold embroidered taffeta and some organza ribbon for SRE like I used on the pink roses on Candy's block.

I pulled the name on time but have been busy coming up with 38 other things (one for each person who commented) to put in the baggie! lol Cathy - if you can email me your address I'll send it out this week. I'll post a picture of all the goodies too so you can get a preview!

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