Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coming Soon!

Just wanted to share an idea that has been perculating from the CQI Novice Group. We have decided it would be fun to have something called "Build a Seam" starting the first week in October. I am going to blog this as it goes along so we can play here as well as in the group. Each Sunday I'll post the "bare bones" of a seam treatment and throughout the week we'll take that and add to it to see what each of us comes up with as an end result. For instance, the first week could be a scalloped line of chain stitch. Now, what would you add to it to make a complete seam treatment? Straight stitches and beads? Spider web roses?

The idea behind this is to learn to build on a seam with different stitches to come up with interesting treatments. I think it will be interesting too to see the differences between what each person does with it! So... don't touch that dial! Stay tuned!

By the way, thank you to everyone who has left comments on my Giveaway post. The baggie is getting plumper with each comment! I have entered each name in the draw and there is still time to leave a comment on that post to get in on the draw.

No pictures in the last two posts - how boring! My excuse is that in eight sleeps I will be at home again after another summer camping at the lake. So, I am in the throes of packing and getting ready. Where did all these books come from? I didn't bring this many with me!! lol I'm running home with loads of boxes because I am deathly afraid that if we tried to pull the trailer with all these books and my stitching stash it would fall apart at the seams! I have even managed to accumulate an old hutch I want to refinish!

Keep your fingers crossed for me - maybe tomorrow it will rain all day so I can stitch!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry... I am new to your blog, and am wondering just what you mean by "building on a seam"?? Are you talking about handstitching embroidery for crazy patches? or what? I will be watching for your anwer......

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi anonymous! lol Yes, that is what I mean - building on a seam further than the basic stith using hand embroidery, beading, silk ribbon embroidery or whatever in an attempt to make more complex and interesting seam treatments for crazy quilt (or crazy patch) seams. I might not be explaining it well but will try to post some pics soon to make it a bit clearer what I'm talking about.