Sunday, September 7, 2008

Candi's Sampler Block

I posted a picture a few days ago of Candi's block I received to work on in the CQI "On the Seamy Side"Sampler Round Robin. I have now finished my work on it. This go round the stitches to be used were fly stitch and spider web roses. In the picture above is the first motif I did on Candi's block. I made three spider web roses with a shimmery organza ribbon. I placed them on a bed of fly stitch leaves done in a variegated thread. I added rose buds and a sprinkling of clear beads.
This is one of the seams I did on Candi's block. I made a double scalloped line of chain stitch in variegated thread and added groups of three straight stitches with a gold bead at the end of each stitch. Lastly, I added those trust spider web roses again with a bit of fly stitch greenery, all done in silk ribbon. This seam was inspired by one I saw recently on Sharon B's In a Minute Ago blog (her link is on the right under Check This Out). It didn't end up looking much like Sharon's so I don't know if she would want me giving her the credit! lol
This was the second seam and it is just a very simple fly stitch topped with little pearls. Very simple. If you look below the seam though you will see where I may have lost my mind. I kept looking at the silkie on this block, especially her gorgeous hat with the ostrich feather flumes. I kept thinking .... EMU FEATHERS!! So, I went ahead and added some. I sure hope Candi likes them cause they are there to stay! Of course, they can always be trimmed and shaped into a more pleasing shape when Candi gets the block back.
This last picture is the whole block after both Clairee and I have stitched on it. It will be heading off in the mail to its next stop tomorrow morning.

My work on this block gave me a couple real challenges. These two stitches (fly stitch and spider web roses) aren`t high on my list of stitches I use often. When I first did the motif with the pale pink roses I had scattered silk ribbon french knots around it in two or three colours. My initial instinct was to scatter pearls but I had already used them on the fly stitch seam so I thought that might have been too many pearls. But those french knots bothered me because they seemed too busy. Took them out - even though I virtually never `reverse stitch` - and then of course you can`t take out silk ribbon work without leaving a mess. So where each french knot had been there is now a clear bead and I am happier with the end result.

Following my trusty A - Z of Ribbon Embroidery book I marked circles for the spider web roses. I thought I would use that water soluble pen. Seemed to work fine. Afterwards I used a q-tip and water to moisten the marks and set it aside. When I went back I looked at the back first and that gorgeous variegated pink thread had run! I was almost afraid to turn the block over but luckily nothing ran on the front! Whew - got off lucky that time!

The last challenge the block gave me I didn`t rise to meet. I have looked at what I have done and I am vaguely unhappy with it and I think I have boiled the problem down to one of scale. What I did - and cannot now undo - is to make things that are too large for the block. I should have gone with more delicate looking stitching. But, unfortunately, I can`t fix that now (Sorry Candi!) . Hopefully someone further down the round robin circuit will find a way to balance out the block better than I have done.


Cathy K said...

Hi Kerry - I LOVE your spider web roses with the fly stitch leaves - it turned out beautifully. Very feminine. I think the scale and visual weight of your treatments is fine; when others add their work it will all balance out and will not seem so prominent. I'm sure Candi is thrilled. Wish you were coming to Colorado with us! Hugs, Cathy

Candi said...

OMG I love what you've done on my block!!! You do such gorgeous work! Thank you thank you thank you!! :-)

morvoren said...

Hi Kerry,
I adore your are far to hard on yourself!!!
Lovely seam treatments.. what a brill idea to use the organsa ribbon for those roses too came out beautiful and the beads seem to make it feel like dew drops there all fresh.
Hugs Pam Uk

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Cathy, Candi and Pam - thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you are happy Candi - it is such a gorgeous block, your fabrics are so "touchy-feelie"!

Hideko said...

Your seams are very beautiful!! I love them. Hideko

BumbleVee said...

found my way here from Ati's your roses..... they are beautiful.

Joyce in BC said...

Kerry - I love this blog - if I knew WHERE to START, I think I would give it a try! Any books you would recommend? In "Candi's" block, what is the little "snowflake" thing above the silkie called and where would one find one? Joyce in BC (from landscape group)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you Joyce! Blogging is easy so you should give it a try. I use Blogger - it is free and they pretty well walk you through setting it up step by step. Try it!

That "snowflake thing"was done before the round robin block came to me - isn't it clever!? It is made from "sequin waste" which you can buy at craft stores. It is what is left after they punch out the sequins in manufacturing them. Then this is the "waste" left but in crafts nothing is wasted! lol Clairee trimmed it into the shape of a flower and then attached with beads.


Joyce in BC said...

Kerry - LOL - it isn't blogging I want to give a try - it's the crazy quilting!! Any books you could recommend in this area?
Thanks for explaining the "sequin waste". I will be following your blog and all the "seam treatments".

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Oops - my bad! Sorry I misunderstood, Joyce! I can recommend a lot of books or I can recommend you learn the way I did -at CQI (Crazy Quilting International). There are a few Yahoo Groups out there for crazy quilters but this is my favourite! If nothing else, you will be completely overwhelmed with "eye candy". Check out te CQI blog and see what you think at:

There is a link there to join as well.

For books - my favourites are Pat Winter's, anything and everything by Judith Montano or Carole Samples, Cindy Brick's great new book with lots of information on the eye candy, etc. etc. I could go on forever! Some of the blogs I link too here on the side bar are CQ related - Sharon B's In a Minute Ago is one of the first I found and still one of my favourites. If I can help - let me know!

Joyce in BC said...

Thanks Kerry - awesome eye candy and Sharon B's site is great - now bookmarked. I have one Judith Montano book, so as soon as I gather some supplies - seeing as how I didn't win your wonderful kit! - I'll have to get started! Thanks again for your help.

Pat Winter said...

Love the feathers in the hat!!! beautiful work.