Monday, September 29, 2008

Cross Stitching Again!

It was so nice to do a bit of cross stitch again lately! I finished up these two small projects on my vacation and there is something so good about a nice bit of linen in hand and some lovely hand dyed threads.
Both of these are designed by Su Mwamba of Tanglecrafts ( The top one is entitled "Kaleidoscope Thistle" and the bottom one is "Kaleidoscope Forest". Su designs the most gorgeous stitchery - check out her blog and you will see lovely freeform bargello and other treats. These two are small projects that give lovely results without a lot of investment of stitching time - I am really pleased with the way they turned out. Now I just need to decide how to finish them... paperweights? scissorfobs? pincushions? Not sure yet!


Anonymous said...

I'm not much on autumn colors, but I really like the top one! You do very pretty work.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you! All the credit goes to Su and her gorgeous designs and kits though!