Friday, January 16, 2015

Renovations - I hate them!

What does this have to do with stitching? Not much, but it has a lot to do with why I am not getting any done!
 We are a one washroom household and with the recent influx of returning kids and grandkids there are between five and seven people living here at any given time.  So, if you are a man, i.e. my husband, this would seem to you to be the best time to rip apart the washroom and start renovating, right? Right.
 The tile needed replacing on the floor.  I might note that that is the only thing that really needed replacing - it was simply worn out.  The rest is purely cosmetic and the result of "man-think" - if you are replacing the floor you should really rip everything up and put down a new subfloor while you are at it.  If you are putting down new tile, you should really paint the walls first - you don't want to paint them once the new floor is down. ( Personally, I still liked the dark forest green the walls were painted last time.) It goes without saying that if you are painting the walls, you paint the ceiling first.  You get the picture...
 Couldn't bring myself to buy into the whole grey for walls thing, so we settled on a beige and darker beige that will be harmonious with the colour of the new tile.
I did a lot of the painting - kept finding little love notes next to my coffee cup in the morning - "While I am at work, would you mind painting the...?"  The wainscotting was painted the darker beige.  After I got the first coat on, husband and son (double man-think) declared it too light a shade but admitted that a second coat might improve it.  Now we get to "woman-think" - mine.  If they want it darker, whack the paint on there good and thick.  
Hmmm.... then the topic of "runs and drips" came up in conversation.  Now, realistically, this wainscotting is something we created from the original hardwood wall boards we recovered when we started the renovation of our old church 20+ years ago.  Which makes these boards approximately 120 years old - IF they were new when they used them and not donated from somewhere else.  They are OLD.  Does a drip or two really seem out of place? To me it would seem to add a bit of shabby chic charm.  The men's jaws drop at this outrageous lack of logic.  Two pairs of eyes try to bore holes in my head to place their own logic there.  Daughter-in-law and grandson suddenly find urgent errands elsewhere.  My heels dig in. Hard.  
Sidebars to this current adventure...
My husband has declared he will redesign my huge linen closet in the washroom - create many shelves, doors, drawers, etc. "so I can finally manage to keep it organized".  He's doing to keep me organized - oh, joy!  So, I spent most of today painting the inside of the closet as it is now so he will no longer want to redesign it for me.  Lying on the floor with my head inside the closet painting the bottom side of the lowest shelf, I was delighted to see on the last paint job he had cheaped out and not painted there.  Now, that proves women are superior right?  Yes.
In the meantime, all this has been going on for two weeks now.  Tiles are still in their boxes but other things have moved.  My sink is standing out in the hallway.  The bathtub is balanced precariously on little bits and pieces of tile. The only truly functional thing in there is the toilet and only because I insisted that it was not optional during the renovation.
I hope I will love the newly renovated bathroom.  I better - because I really hate the process. AND I have no time to stitch....


Bear said...

Now that I have stopped laughing uncontrolibly ( is that even a word), I give you this piece of wisdom and that is-- this to will pass, hopefully within months not years
Lottas n lottas love n HUGS
( and much underatanding)

gocrazywithme said...

What a great story, Kerry! You should maybe submit some articles like this to more general publications, too. Not that your stitching ones aren't great, but this is funny and so relatable.
When my DH and I do home improvement projects together, my ultimate goal is that we still be speaking to each other by the end. Whether the project is successful is secondary.

Joyce from PEI said...

Oh Kerry!! I shouldn't have laughed, but couldn't help myself!! Love the other comment- This too shall pass! Breathe deep and carry on. The bathroom will be awesome!

Marilyn said...

Well, you should just sit your DH down in front of all those reno shows on HGTV and tell him to take note. None of them recommend living in the home while it is under renovation. Then show him some lovely luxury hotel suites where you can stitch while he finishes the bathroom (vbg)