Saturday, January 31, 2015

I got my Seminar classes!

I am so excited!  The emails came out today letting everyone who registered for EAC Seminar 2015 in Calgary (Stampeding Stitches) know which ones they got into!  So, (drum roll please) here is what I'll be taking!

Cuori e Fiori (Hearts & Flowers) -
Kathryn Drummond

My first two day class will be Cuori e Fiori with Kathryn Drummond!  This class is in Punto Antico embroidery, also known as Italian Cutwork, and I'll be making a beautiful set of needlework accessories.

Midnight Miniature

Hazel Blomkamp

I am taking a one day class on the "free day" rather than signing up for a tour since there isn't a lot in Calgary I haven't seen already.  I will be taking Midnight Miniature from Hazel Blomkamp.  Hazel is the author of "Crewel Twists" and "Crewel Intentions", a wonderful stitcher from South Africa.  What an opportunity!

A miniature of the design featured on the cover of Hazel's book, Crewel Twists, this design will teach the joy of using beads in crewel embroidery.  It will be worked on black dupioni silk (my fav!) with DMC stranded cotton, metallic threads and Miyuki beads.  I can't wait!

Resting on Pears 

Gale Washington

This one, Resting on Pears, was definitely the class I wanted to get into the most and I made it!  Gale Washington is a wonderful teacher and I have taken classes from her before.

This is an intermediate class so I will need to brush up on my pulled thread. This class will teach shading through the use of value created with pulled thread stitches.  Worked on 30 count linen with perle cotton and metallic thread, it should be a real treat!  I love the tongue in cheek design of Resting on Pears!

If you make it to Calgary in May, there are still some great classes available to register in!  Check them out!


Marilyn said...

Congratulations Kerry. Your courses look like fun but Hazel's is the one I like best. I love her work.

Suztats said...

That's fabulous! I'm feeling a bit green today. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

D1-D2 said...

These are the classes I wanted to take if I had gone. I already asked Kathryn if she will be offering the Cuori e Fiori in her shop later on so I will get that for sure later.

I wish you lots of fun and please post pictures of your WIPs. I would love to see them.