Friday, January 16, 2015

First Resolution - Make Resolutions

Time to start working on those New Year Goals of mine!  I do this every year because it really helps me to achieve what I am trying to do.  They are a work in progress so I'll post them over the next few days.  Here are the first two:
1.  Stitch 15 minutes a day.  I make this resolution every year and it is the best one because it works!  If you stitch for 15 minutes every day at the very least you will stitch 1-3/4 hours a week.  Really though, if you start stitching you are likely to stitch longer.  The other problem this resolves is if you don't stitch today, you are more likely not to stitch tomorrow, and so on and so on.  Try it - it works!
2, Enter Competitions.  I am not putting a number on this because it depends how many I find.  I am talking of stitch related competitions of course.  For example, right now on Virtual Threads we are having a little competition to design a logo for EAC Seminar 2018, which our chapter is hosting.  Piecework has a competition each year - this time it is a pincushion.  That should be fun and I have ideas bubbling already on what I would like to do.  Nordic Needles and Quilting Arts have challenges on a pretty regular basis and of course, The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has their needlework exhibition each year.  Not planning on winning any of them - the resolution is to enter which takes a bit of creative thinking and some organization and following through to completion - all things I could use some practice on!
I'll be back with some more soon.  Have you made any?  Let me know and we can cheer each other on!


Marilyn said...

I'm so bad at sticking to lists of things to do - sigh. But I have been getting a few things off the "to-be-do" list. I got one quilt quilted, another pinned and ready to go (for my friend who has loaned me her Janome quilting machine to use) and I'm almost putting together another of her quilts that she got in pieces at a garage sale. And I've finished 2 cq blocks to use as pockets on a tote bag for a friend. With any luck I can get all 3 of the last ones done this week and then I won't have anything left to do for anyone else and I can concentrate on getting more of my projects done.

Kerry Leslie said...

Good for you Marilyn - only January and you are making progress on UFO!