Friday, March 14, 2014

Checking those Goals for 2014

Did you make a list of goals for 2014?  How are you doing on them?  It seems like it is time to see how I am doing with this year's resolutions.  I want to stay on track with them this year so bear with me...
2014 Goals
1. Stitch for 15 minutes a day - every day.
Actually, I am doing very well on this one.  I am stitching almost every day and usually for hours rather than minutes.  Even my husband has noticed how much I am stitching so you know it is a lot!

2. Blog Regularly
I fell down on this hopelessly in the last year and as a result only a couple of diehard followers are still reading my blog - thank you both of you! lol  I can say I am blogging more regularly, although not as often as before, and I wonder if any of it is interesting to anyone but me.

3.  One show or Exhibition this year! Doesn't have to be big (it won`t be) but something to get me out there at least locally.  It doesn't have to be crazy quilting either - just some sort of art or craft.  I am dabbling now with other things which is fun and helps to get all the stash under control.
I am on track here too.  I am booked into the County of Vulcan in April to be the Artist of the Month and will be yarn-bombing their offices.  It might not be quite what they expect but should be good fun!

4. Write at least two articles and submit them for publication.  It`s another way to get yourself out there and the research is good discipline.  Lord knows I need discipline!  lol Once again, I don't necessarily expect to get two pieces published, but I would like to at least write them and submit then - that is the goal.
I am on track with this one - I have submitted one article already and the year is still young.

5. Start taking EAC correspondence courses with the goal of getting my Teacher`s Certification from EAC.  This will be a long, drawn out process - there are quite a few courses needed but this year I will actually start.
 I have signed up for the first course and am just waiting for it to come in so I can start.  Of course, in the meantime I got waylaid and signed up for two free online courses through EAC (Wessex style embroidery and Crazy Quilting without the Patches), two group correspondence courses through EAC (Schwalm and Casalguidi embroidery), and a goldwork cyberclass with Alison Cole online through EAC Virtual Threads so am managing to keep busy while I am waiting!  lol

6.  On a similar note, I would like to get back into teaching stitching which means getting some teaching proposals organized and getting them submitted in time for fall deadlines.
Nothing accomplished on this one yet but will get on it now I have reminded myself here.

7.  This year I am going to aim at entering at least two competitions with my stitching. 
I am actually working on a piece right now for the EAC Beaded Jewellry Challenge so if I get it done in time I will get it sent off and this is halfway done.

8.  One item made and donated to charity each month.
I am way behind - nothing this year yet!  AAQI closing has thrown me and I don't know what to make or who to give it to.  Just need to buckle down I guess.

9. Continue involvement with The Embroiderers' Association of Canada (EAC), the new EAC Virtual Threads cyber chapter and The Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts.  
Going gangbusters at this!  lol  I am happy to report the cyber chapter is off to a great start, and I expect to continue on with my commitments to the other organizations for the time being.

10. Organize the sewing room.
Not yet!

Okay, so that is where I stand as far as progress on this year's goals.  How are yours going?


Marilyn said...

Sounds like you are pretty much on track with your goals. I never make any because I don't want to be disappointed. Right now I'm in finish-up mode and I'm working at getting some of my ufo sane quilts done - finished on top and only have 2 border pieces left to go on another. I'm going to get several done and then borrow my friend's Janome 1600P to quilt them. And, your blog is interesting to me :)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thanks Marilyn! Good luck with your quilts!