Friday, January 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday

 I picked up this half finished needlepoint kit at the thrift store the other day for 50 cents.  Ugly, right? Well, the idea is that if I finish up the background, and tea dye the whole thing, it may be suitable to try to transform it into a Christmas ornament along the lines of the lovely ornament I was gifted with (below) in the EAC Winter Ornament Exchange this year.
 Although this ornament I received was not an upcycled item, when I first saw it I thought what a great way to use old needlepoint pieces.  So, this experiment is in the works.
 So is this lovely stitched card I received this Christmas.  Doesn't it cry out to be turned into an ornament to be enjoyed year after year?
As you may have guessed, when I packed up Christmas this year, I didn't quite manage to get it all in the boxes.  Some items stayed out because they inspired me to do a little experimentation!
 I picked up this cute little knit ornament this year and it inspires me to see if I can make some with my collection of old sweaters...
 I actually made a bunch of these tiny mitten sets with their dummy strings years ago for my Christmas tree and they still charm me when I unpack them every year.  I think I would like to make some more, perhaps to tuck into next year's Christmas cards.
 I bought this little cowboy snowman a local craftsperson made a few years ago and I have always wanted to see what I could do making little snowmen using it for inspiration.  Isn't it clever?
 I received this commercially made ornament as a gift and thought it would be fun to see what I could do with the idea of pinkeep ornaments so this one stayed out to remind me.
This is the last item I did not manage to put into the boxes.  I bought it this year on my way to Louisville because I need ideas to use up some of my button collection.
So, this is what is occupying me today - this little pile of ideas on my kitchen table.  Now to get started!


Marilyn said...

What fun things to try. Do you think we will ever make a dent in our stashes? It seems like every time I use up one thing, several more take its place.

Suztats said...

Have fun playing!