Monday, January 6, 2014

CQ Pansy Box

Another finish and another upcyled item and two more small items out of my stash!  This little crazy quilt pansy jewelry box started life as a round robin block made for me by Carolyn which I absolutely loved, especially the velvet applique pansy, and an ugly jewelry box from the thrift store. I will run through how I did the transformation below. Once you see how it is done, you should agree it is a real "trash to treasure"!
 I am always on the lookout for wooden boxes at the thrift store that will accommodate a piece of stitching.  Here is the jewelry box I found in all it's ugly glory.
The exposure on this photo is off a bit - the inside is actually jet black velvet with spaces for rings, chains, etc.  It appears to have never been used.

 If you find something like this and want to try it, you will need to gather a few very high tech tools such as a butter knife to pry off the ceramic tile.
 Step 2 is to toss the tile in the next box going back to the thrift store so someone else can do something crafty with it.
 More high tech tools... a pencil and a piece of cardboard.  Trace around the tile on the cardboard.
 Do a trial fit to see if your cardboard fits with enough room for the fabric to be laced onto it.
I used felt between the cardboard and the fabric to create a cushion.  Use pearl cotton to lace back and forth in both directions to securely mount the stitching to the cardboard.
Do another trial fit to make sure your mounted stitching still fits into the box lid.  Turn it over, liberally apply glue and weigh it down with books overnight to make sure it all sticks securely.  The glue will hold the cardboard as well as your mounting threads.
As the last step, I glued a gold braid around the edge of the block to cover the small gap between the box and the stitching - it covers a multitude of sins.  Here it is in all it's finished glory!


Marilyn said...

That is definitely an improvement. I was all set to work on ufo's this winter but then I discovered the Fandominstitches website that has patterns for quilts that I really like - The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. I've finished The Hobbit and then I worked on a hexie placemat quilt until my supplies of an HGTV CQ challenge arrived and I've been working like mad on it. I should be able to finish it today, then back to the hexie quilt before I start Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Haven't quite decided which one yet

Margaret said...

How clever you are! The pansies are so pretty and make me long for spring.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

That's an impressive transformation! I shall have to look out for similar opportunities (to add to my UFO list, ha ha).

Kim in AB said...

I love it, Kerry!