Friday, January 24, 2014

Six More ATCs

What a hoarder I am - saving every little bit of fabric and thread!  I had this little sample piece of canvas that was my practice piece of flower pounding and of course I found a way to use it up.  When I measured it, it could be divided up into six pieces exactly the right side for ATCs!

Since I have been feeling like I would like to try more canvaswork it was a perfect opportunity to experiment!
I tried this one using a free cross stitch pattern.
 Of course, I had to use my beloved Valdani variegated perle cottons.
 This was the only one that disappointed - it is supposed to be a tassel.
I tried making geometric designs and really enjoyed that.  I can see why people get hooked on canvas.


Marilyn said...

Sometimes I wish I weren't so frugal and didn't save every little bit. I just never ever seem to get them used up, no matter how many I use. I have 2 rough totes (large size) full of quilting scraps. I did manage to use a few in my Hobbit quilt and can use some more when I get to The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but they just seem to mulitply when I'm not looking. Sort of like dust bunnies!

libbyquilter said...

beautiful atc's and lovely stitchwork~!