Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Little Stashbusting... A Little Upcycling!

 One of the gifts I gave my daughter this Christmas was a body pillow but I neglected to give her any pillowcases for it ...oops!!  I went up to "the room" to see what I could find in the way of larger pieces of fabric that would work and came across a Daisy Kingdom wall hanging panel.  I cut down the sides and added it to the ends and then added a flannel cuff and voila!  - body pillowcase #1! I love that it says "Love Will Keep Us Warm" on it and that it is made of such nice flannel.

Body Pillowcase #2 was made from a large tablecloth I picked up cheap at a garage sale because it had a couple small stains.  I was able to trim them off in the cutting out of the center portion of the tablecloth for the front of the pillowcase.  The back is made of two strips from the side pieced together.  Easy peasy and it made a very pretty pillowcase.  The tablecloth had a lot of embroidery and lace inserts and was very pretty. My daughter is happy and I am happy because two items moved of my stash and into a useful life.
So, although it was on the sewing machine, this was my stitching for yesterday and today.  I broke my glasses today though so can't do any real stitching until I can get them fixed - hopefully tomorrow!

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Marilyn said...

Good heavens. January 3rd and you already have 2 projects completed. You go girl!