Monday, April 8, 2013

More Yarn!

Well, here I go again - the non-knitter unable to resist a yarn!  I hope you can get an idea from the photo of how irresistible these balls were - thick, soft, chenille like yarn.  It is "super-bulky" which would mean something to an actual knitter.  

It drove me crazy!  lol  I tried to knit the simple pattern on the label for a baby blanket that was basically just an enlarged discloth pattern - the one where you start in one corner and work up to the widest part and then back to the far corner again with an eyelet edge.  No way could I make it work!  lol  So, after ripping it out seven times I changed plans and worked a large square with a ribbed edge all the way around.  (Flashback on the "potholders" my mother had me knitting 50 years ago!)  It was my first time working with circular needles too which I have to admit I didn't like.  But I have a baby gift ready for my daughter's friend who is due this summer so it's all good.  Also, I managed to use up the stuff I bought instead of adding it to the stash so - double bonus! 

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Wendy said...

I crocheted a blanket with this same yarn for my dd's bff a bit ago. I had to use a size P hook but the blanket turned out so soft and cuddly. Your blanket is just beautiful.