Sunday, April 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever been inspired by something you see and wanted to create it in stitches but wondered how to do it?  I was up to catch the sunrise the other morning and I was so struck by the big ball of the sun peeking through the brush, I had to take some photos.

 After I cropped off all the extraneous stuff in the yard from the photo, I was pleased that the photo represented accurately what I was seeing - not always the case with sunrise or sunset photos.
 So, now the question is.... how can you create this with a needle and thread?  The trees would not be too difficult since they all appear uniformly black in front of the sun.  Creating the background is where the work would come in - a little ingenuity would be needed!
After looking at these photos for a few days I have come up with ideas I think would work.  I would paint the background to achieve the grey, yellow and orange areas.  The sun itself is the part that had me stumped.  I have finally decided that the orange layer would have to be some very bright fabric - a neon orange really.  Then it would have to tone down all around so I think that layers of sheer could be used to do that, making them progressively lighter as the got closer to the sun itself, thereby graduating the colour.By cutting the sheer, you could also get the effect of the rays coming out from the sun I think.

So, what do you think?  Would it work?  How would you do it??  It is a nice little mind challenge!  lol


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I don't have a clue.
But since you have been mulling this over, I am sure that you will give it a try. I sure hope you share your progress with us.

shawkl said...

What a lovely project for you. I think I'd piece the background out of sky, gradated orange, and black. The sun would be first painted with rays outstretched. The trees would be black embroidery and shiny silk threads to over-stitch the sun some perhaps. It's a challenging project to even conceptualize...and I hope you do decide to create your version!

Marilyn said...

Hi Kerry,

If you could find a piece of orange lamé fabric that might work for the sun. I've seen all kinds of different colours but don't know if I've seen orange.

Suztats said...

Fabulous picture! As a painter, I'd probably paint the background on fabric, and then I'd stitch over it to create the trees and branches in a variety of browns, dark greys, and other deep colours. (I think just using black might make it too stark and flat)First, though, I would use metallic threads for the sun in a range of shades (orange, red, yellow, copper, gold) to create the glow, and extend the metallics out from the center of the sun to indicate it's rays of light. Stitching the branches over this would soften the brightness of the sunrise, but allow little sparks of rays to peek through the trees.
I shall be very interested to see how you create this in fabric and thread.