Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bath Salts & Stash Reduction

 I spent a little time the other night making up little bags of bath salts with lavender in them - they smell delicious!
 Why am I making bath salts?  Back to the stash reduction!  Although I have only made soaps, etc. a couple times, I have collected a quantity of supplies for doing so because I thought it was something I would enjoy.  So, if I actually make all this soap, bath salts, bath fizzes, etc.  I will have this group of supplies out of my stash, right?  And I will have a lot of little gifts etc to give people or sell.  Sounded like a plan to me!
 I also have some Battenberg Lace supplies, but found this particular form of needlework was not my cup of tea.  I made a couple items but it is not something I want to pursue.  So, I dug out these ...

 and have listed them on my Etsy shop!
I'm not much of a knitter either so a couple knitting pattern books went in the shop.  The booklets charmed me because of their age and graphics but they have to go!   Eventually I will make a dent in all these accumulated treasures...  Wish me luck!


Suztats said...

The bath salts bags look so pretty--a great gift idea!

Marilyn said...

Good luck. I make my own soaps, lotions, salves and lip balms. I have made bath salts too but now I just make things for myself and some of my friends who ask. Its so much fun to stir and watch the oils turn to soap after you add the lye. Have fun.