Monday, April 29, 2013

ATCs for Swap??

I posted a little while ago about the EAC ATC Swap and how I was late getting mine in for the swap but that the wonderful host guild had managed to swap out most of them anyway.  These are the four lonely little ATCs of my own that came back to me, from my Broken Dishes series.  Would anyone like to swap for one of these?


Jane Galley said...

I haven't made an ATC for a very long time, if you'd like to swap with me in the UK, I'd love to have one of these.

Kim in AB said...

I would! But I have to give you the warning that I'm not an EAC member and don't produce EAC worthy embroidery. AND it would be embroidery not cross stitch.

But if you are interested anyway I'd love to trade with you!

Kim in AB kimfry at telusplanet dot net :-)