Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puppy Pictures and Shameless Plug!

 I know, I know, you get tired of the puppy pictures, right?  But you have to admit I have been good and refrained for awhile now.  How could I resist sharing photos of Bear in her new bright orange hoodie though?
 It must be comfortable because she doesn't even mind wearing it!  It will be good for the coming cold months as well because it is super warm.  Such a good thing for little dogs who have to go outside in the snow and cold to do their business.
 How stylish and cool does she look?!  The embroidered logo on the pocket on the back is "Ridedogsride" and this is where the shameless plug comes in.  I am lucky enough to have the Garlands as campers out here at the lake occasionally and they have a wonderful business online called, of course, RideDogsRide, where they creat helmets, goggles, jackets, hoodies, and so much more so that folk's pets can be just as cool and safe as their owners are riding their motorcycles.  I was thrilled to bits when they gifted Bear with this wonderful hoodie!  Thank you Glen and Diana!

If you want to smile this morning, definitely check out their web site so you see all the cool items on offer and take a look at some of the photos there.  You can't look at little Harley, a Yorkie, in his helmet and leather jacket or vest without grinning - too cute!  (Tell them the campground lady sent you over for a look! - thanks!)

And, yes, it is true, much to my daughter's dismay - I have finally turned into one of those old ladies who dress up their dog!  lol


SewCalGal said...

Very cute.


piney cq said...

LOL!! Cute! But.....where are her boots and ear muffs??? ROFLMBO!