Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I love my muse!

After spending an hour weeding huge thistles out of the playground by hand, ending up doing it on my hands and knees because it is easier on the back, I am recovering slowly and the only thing working is my head.  But, that is good, because it gave me time to think about ideas and invite my muse for a visit!

Lately I have been indulging my love for fabrics and fibers more.  An example is this cushion cover I picked up at the thrift store.  How could I resist this?  Well, since I have it here to take a photo of for you, the obvious answer is I couldn't.  But throw cushions are not a big part of my life style so, of course, this is going to become a little art quilt...  The main section will be cut from the center panel and then heavily embellished with beading.  The four corners will make terrific fabric for the Fast Finish Triangles for the back, all cutesy-coordinated.  I'll be getting a start on this later tonight when my 15 minutes of stitching (or more!) is scheduled. 

I bought this at a store that was moving and had all their stuff on 75% off.  I just thought all these little alphabet stamps would come in handy one day.  Today, while I was resting from the weeding, the reason I bought them became evident to me.  Have to admit, the muse had to kind of kick me in the head for me to realize it - good thing she was in the store with me to nudge me to pick them up.  I am seeing more art quilts in the making with all those cool sayings you see and love.  I tend to think of these little quilts in series and so next up will be a series of this kind.  I am envisioning stamped sayings/collage/ humorous little quilts in my mind...  Will post some pics when I get something concrete!

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