Saturday, August 27, 2011

Notes from the Lake

As much as I have complained lately about my job at the lake and how difficult it has become to keep up with all the physical work, if I don't come back next year there are many things I will miss.  I have learned many lessons here, one as those taught by the swallows.  These little birds have such tenacity,  perseverance and they are downright stubborn.  They come back every year to build their nests in the same spot, constructing them of dirt and spit.    If their adobe-type nests are destroyed, within a day or two a duplicate will appear in the same spot and they return to business as usual. 

This pair of young birds has decided the place for their nest - where it belongs this year and forever - is on the outside sill above one of the outhouses doorways.  I don't think they have chosen an easy path, but I am confident they will persevere and return to this spot for the rest of their lives.  How much could we accomplish with this kind of tenacity?

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Carol said...

I am a huge believer that we learn from nature if we choose to see, watch and learn.

Tenacity..a good characteristic to develop.