Thursday, August 25, 2011

July AAQI Quilt - Kimono

Well, this is my little quilt donation for July for AAQI.  I had it already to mail and then I realized I had not put the Fast Finish Triangles on it for hanging.  So, off came the binding, on went the triangles and then back went the binding.  Unfortunately, since I hate "frogging"  (rippit rippit) the whole thing became very late to get in the mail.  Hopefully I will be forgiven! 
The base fabric on the front is some sort of taffeta from the stash, one of those yummy fabrics that changes colour as the light hits it.  It could even be silk but I'm not sure.  The back is gold silk (for sure) and the binding is a batik.  Nothing like mixing it up! The kimono itself is made of quilting cotton and is a sort of folded, origami type of thing. 
And, yes, you are correct in assuming that one strange little button in the corner is not really an artistic statement - it is because I couldn't get that corner to miter properly.  Well, it could still be an artistic statement!


Annie said...

That is such a clever design. And I'm glad to see that someone as experienced as you can still make mistakes. Personally, I'm all about the cover-up!

Michele Bilyeu said...

As they say...a 'design opportunity'! And it is now a September shopping opportunity for some lucky new owner! And leaving the corner sleeves off...I've done it so many times. I've also ripped and redone and I've said 'oh well' and just sewn a little ring or pop can pull tab on the back. It all works and ends up appreciated! But let's face the work of it...the corner sleeves ARE the nicest looking!

Debbie said...

I like this one alot Kerry and your so good at sticking to your AAQI cimmitment...Love it, Debbie (Maine)