Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heart for Hideko

I have just finished my friendship heart for Hideko.  Members of CQI are making these hearts for our crazy quilting sister, Hideko, as a tangible show of our love and support for her and all people of Japan in the wake of the terrible earthquakes they have been suffering.  Hideko lives in Sendai so she has felt the full impact of the devastation. 
The colours used are mourning colours of black and grey for the loss of lives in Japan and the small red petit point flower in the center is a bright spot to symbolize the hope for a brighter future. 
If you would like to find out more about how you can use your art and skills to help the people of Japan please read the earlier post about Hearts and Hands for Sendai.  Thank you!


Hideko Ishida said...

Kerry, I am thinking to use all of your friendship hearts to border my memorial quilt. Thank you very much. I am encouraged so much. We will do my best to recover our country however long it takes! Hideko

lewmew said...

This is beautiful. But I believe the color of loss in Japan is white?

Cathy said...

Hi Kerry! I love your piecing, and as a result am so stoked to get home and piece a friendship heart for Hideko. Also, as a fellow glasses wearer, I can celebrate along with you on being able to SEE again, LOL!! Hugs from CT (where it is pouring rain today and I plan to stay in and stitch), Cathy