Friday, April 15, 2011

Bits & Pieces

 With holidays looming, I am getting a few things done up before it is time to go.  This first one was just a fun little project today - a potholder for a swap.  I received one in this technique from Ramona last year and wanted to try the chenille thing for myself.  It was quite fun and quick and the fabrics in the center that fluff out can be any old thing so it is a good way to use up ugly cottons from the stash.  It will fluff more after a good wash as well and then the effect will be better.
 This one was finished today as well.  It was "cheap and cheerful" - a quick little quilt for AAQI for this month.  I found a wonderful jacket at the thrift store awhile back made from this great batik and couldn't resist buying it even though no one in my family would every fit into a jacket that small except maybe the Pom.  I finally bit the bullet and cut into the jacket to make this little quilt.  The pattern is outlined with a mix of glass seed beads in golds that I hand stitched on after cannibalizing a necklace, also from the thrift store.  There is just enough outline quilting on it to qualify it as a quilt and it's ready to go.
 This is what I woke up to this morning.  It started in the night when these pictures were taken when dd got up to let the dogs out.
 They didn't know quite what to make of another snowstorm either!  Once again someone said the word "summer" out loud and jinxed us and this is what we ended up with.  Happily, we only got about four inches although dh's work was under a foot or more this morning.  Another snow day for him!
This is what my living room looked like this afternoon at nap time - three dogs and dh all flaked out on the couch at the same time!  lol  So, that's how I managed to get some sewing done.

My daughter, Katie, spends her summers at a different campground from the one I work at.  Her job is a little posher and so is the campground.  She works in the office and they have hot showers and other niceties there.  So, it only seems fair that I get the nice 5th wheel and she is stuck in the old truck camper, right?  I took pity on her though as she didn't think she could go through another summer with the curtains and cushions from a 76 Scamper camper in the colours above.
 We started out by dying the cushion covers and although they came out a pretty washed out red pattern, it was an improvement over the original orange and green.  The curtains were replaced with ones I made of red corduroy and some cheery red and white gingham.  Now if it would just stop snowing they could open the campground so she can go to work!
Of course, you can't have the dye going without throwing some lace in!  These are a few bits that I put in to soak up some of that nice red dye.  Not sure what I'll use them for but I'm sure a suitable project will turn up one of these days.

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