Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What do you do when your muse flies the coop?

I hate a post with no pictures so here are the puppies together.  The new puppy, Bear, sleeps contentedly with the old girl, Nala.  I think it is a relief for Nala when the puppy runs out of steam and falls asleep.  Bear's favourite game has become grabbing a big mouthful of Nala's fur and playing tug of war.  She has a bit in her mouth in this picture - at the rate she is going she will get hairballs!

Subject for today is a question - what do you do when you hit a dry spell - when your muse flies the coop and you just don't feel like picking up a needle and thread?  One day leads to the next and before you know it a week or two have gone by and you haven't taken a stitch.  That is where I am right now.  Initially I had reasons:  the wedding, company here, busy at work, etc.  Now I have excuses but no good reasons.  I have just fallen into a slump.  I can't seem to bring myself to take the first stitch and do my fifteen minutes a day minimum that I know will get things flowing again.  So, does this happen to you?  What do you do when it does?  I would sure like any help you can give me or advice that will get me back on track!

I have tried surfing the net and getting inspired by all the eye candy on the blogs and I have seen lots of things I would like to try.... sometime.... but apparently not now.  I think today I will try an old cure on myself.  I am bundling up a ball of yarn and needles and will try to knit a dishcloth today in the spare moments of my day.  Somehow making something I don't have to think about seems to help as well as having a finished project of any kind done.  I am hoping it will break the spell and get me moving again. 

I can't remember ever having so many off topic posts here before - thanks for your patience and hopefully I'll have something stitched to share soon, even if it is a dishcloth! 


Annie said...

Hang in there. You probably just need some 'down time' after all the excitement. I've found my slumps to be temporary. All of a sudden I see or think of a 'must stitch' project and I'm back to my old self again.

Enjoy your sweet new puppy in the meantime.

Gerry Krueger said...

There are times that Molly looks for somewhere to hide from Morris... He just attaches himself to her collar and hangs on so she's always dragging him around... But Morris is going on 5months now and settling some...\

As to the stitching I can give you a challenge... I want seam treatments using curves for the AN as curves and waves are it... Since you are now in this RR too come up with some layered curvy seams for us to use... Hugs Ger...

Laurie said...

I love the pictures of your Poms. Nala looks like my Chip, and Bear his brother Ludwig.
As far as the slump? I've had it happen before, and just ride it through. Eventually it passes and your fingers will start itching again! I for one am looking forward to that. But I'm not going to pressure you! (Maybe go to CQI novice and hook us up on our 1st rr? ;)

Juli said...

I do something different! When I don't feel like stitching, I work on a different hobby...painting, sane quilting, etc. Or, I'll simply read a book.

I've found that when I've lost the desire to do something, is when I have been focusing too much attention to that one particular thing. But then again, this is coming from a person that has to have a whole bunch of stuff in progress at all times!

crazyqsis said...

Kerry Buddy when you find an answer to the muse thing you must write an article on cqonline or something I most definitely Have this problem as well... What some times helps me is making myself go in my craft room for a set time even setting the timer at times when I just cant get going. Because you are at the lake maybe you could set your timer and sort your stash for starters sometimes that is all I get done in the set time but I do eventually get going again.

Debbie said...

Kerry, 1st I would love to cuddle with that cute little bear of yours, what a cutie!
On the muse thing, I"m going through the opposite right now, I"m piecing my tree-skirt and I have so many new cute silkies and so many ideas going through my head they are tripping over each other. What does one do in a case like that???? Debbie (Maine)

Cathy said...

I alternate between hobbies - genealogy, photography, gardening, sane and crazy quilting and just plain sewing small items, scrapbooking. And each thing I chose to attempt, each day...I make myself a challenge and a deadline (even if it is a small one). I hate missing deadlines and I love challenges. And...I think what I am doing has to have a purpose before I even start it...what will I do with this when it is finished? Without a purpose...why bother?


Marilyn said...

Kerry, been there, doing that. I haven't done any stitching or sewing for a couple of months. I did knit myself a scarf but haven't even picked up my sock knitting again. I find that worrying about the dry spells just makes them last longer. If my head needs some down time, I just work on something else (right now I'm painting my bathroom) or read. Your dishcloth idea is good. I know eventually the muse will return and then I'll be working at full throttle again.

Irish Kathi said...

I think it's important to not call it a dry spell. It's just a while that you didn't stitch.
You have many obligations, maybe paring them down would lift the veil.
Do other things you enjoy.
Pet that adorable puppy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry!

Life is... I think there are times you need not do although you wanted. Just relax. I feel that "going down" is a potential to grow and get yourself blooming more than ever. Sorry my bad English expression, I hope you understand ;)


Cathy K said...

Kerry, what a timely post, because I’m going through a very dry spell, too. In fact, that’s why I’m late on the Art Nouveau block for Ritva - my muse is nowhere to be found. Funny, though, I had just dug out my Carole Samples book and templates and began trying to figure out some “new” seam treatment (which is exactly what Gerry counseled you to do!). We’ll have to compare notes. I’m about halfway done with Ritva’s block and want to finish it by tomorrow. This would be a good discussion for CQI. Hugs, Cathy

Karen said...

I adore your puppy!!! Nohting is cuter than a puppy!! I usually need a break from stitching when the muse flies the coop or else I flood my mind with all types of eye candy! That one always works for me.

Anonymous said...

I have asked that very question at times. It sure seems to hit when your very busy and like you said time slips by without a stitch. I was thinking something that helps me sometimes is to look at your OWN eye-candy. You have a abundance of gorgeous eye candy Kerry. Maybe seeing all the gorgeous work you have done will inspire you to pick that needle up:)

Your puppy is so cute!!! I love how black she is. adorable!!!!

I hope you find your Muse soon, your work is very inspiring:)

Ann Flowers