Friday, July 30, 2010

New Issue of CQMagOnline!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the new issue of CQMagOnline, which is now up.  There is some great stuff in this issue!  Of course, I am partial to the article that Lynn wrote about AAQI and my little quilt I donated.  Another article that I am taking as a challenge is Julie Hocking's "Its All About Scale".  She has made a fantastic miniature crazy quilt.  I have been thinking about trying the same type of project since my friend Lorna has been sharing her passion for dollhouses and minatures with me.  I have gone as far as to dig out a kit for building a dollhouse from my stash.  Of course the doll house is just a means to an end!  I can't wait to start making all kinds of minature needlework to go in the house!  Looking at Julie's wonderful quilt and seeing the techniques she used is really inspiring me!
It was also exciting to read what Leslie wrote in an article about the Making Memories quilts made by CQI members - this project is a real joy to work on and seeing the finished quilts is so exciting.
Instead of reading about what I like about each wonderful article though, head on over and read them all for yourself!


Laurie said...

Hi Kerry! I read the magazine, thanks for the heads up! What a great read, so much info and really clever ideas. Loved every word of it!

shawkl said...

We are all lucky to have CQMagOnline as a resource. It is always a great publication. I too was intrigued by the article on CQ Mini's...what a challenge!

Mamacessories said...

I love the idea about the dollhouse. I have wanted an excuse to build one so I can decorate it too! Tiny wall hangings, little quilts - so many possibilities!