Thursday, July 15, 2010

Build a Seam (BAS) Challenge - Week 57 - Rosette Chain Stitch

This week the Build a Seam challenge is the Rosette Chain Stitch.  It is best done with a twisted thread such as perle cotton and makes a nice braided effect.  It is also sometimes referred to as Beaded Edging Stitch or simply the Rosette Stitch.

This stitch is worked from right to left.  You begin as you would to make a Twisted Chain Stitch as soon above.  Although it is not shown in the picture for clarity purposes, use your thumb to loosely hold the loop in place as you complete the twisted chain stitch.

  Next bring your needle up under the right hand top thread as shown, being careful not to catch your fabric at all.
Continue on in this way to create a row of Rosette Chain Stitch (please excuse the quality of the stitches I have made.  It was my first attempt so I need to work on my tension and spacing).  This stitch works well on either straight seams or curved one.  It can also  be adapted into floral designs by working the stitches in a small circle.


wendy said...

What a fun stitch! So many possiblilties! Thank you! Wendy

Cyn said...

So glad I looked at your site. I am doing a lot of hand work these days and your tutorials are very helpful.