Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cathy's Shared Pansy Block

I am happy that I have got back to stitching after being stalled for so long.  This is one of Cathy's blocks in the Pansy DYB round robin at CQI.  DYB stands for Do Your Block - each person in the round robin makes up six blocks, each six inches square, and as they come around each of the other five round robin participants completely embellishes an entire block.  Usually when you get your blocks back there is an empty one left for you to work up but in this case we have decided to each do some work on the 6th block so that it is complete when it returns home to.  So, that is why this one is the "shared block".   Carolyn was the first to stitch on Cathy's blocks so she chose this one to be the shared block and added the purple beaded seam and the gorgeous dragonfly.  I added two seams - the herringbone/cretan stitch combination and the light mauve sheaf stitch one. 

I also added this little butterfly motif to keep Carolyn's dragonfly company.  I love these butterflies made from fabric and I am very happy with the way this one turned out so I think I will make another on the block I will be embellishing entirely.  I thought I would do up a tutorial as I work on the second one as well and will post it as well as the work on the other block in a day or two.
Here you can see how I attempted to take a photo (somewhat successfully) that would show the three dimensional effect of the butterfly - this is what makes it so much fun!  I have to thank Janet for originally sharing this technique with me - I have had a ball with it ever since!  Check out Janet`s blog for more great crazy quilting inspiration!
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Barb said...

That is just gorgeous.

MosaicMagpie said...

Oh! that beautiful butterfly!

Laurie said...

I hope you do do a tutorial Kerry, I would love to learn this process. It's just beautiful! Great to see you stitching again!!

Suztats said...

That looks like a great technique, and I'll be watching for the tutorial!

Cathy said...

Oh, good! I love those butterflies. I learned how and did some for the BBB RR. They are such fun. I'm glad you chose to add one to my block! Thank you, thank you.

And...I hate to say this, but that pic you took to show the 3D effect...well, it looks like a dead butterfly! ;-)...but it does indeed show the 3D effect.

Anyway...I love peeking at blogs to see what is happening on RR blocks and especially love it when I get a sneak peek at one of my own.

Thanks, Kerry. What fun.

Cathy L

Kitty said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog (ages ago! Sorry it's taken me a while to reciprocate). I must say the beading on that little butterfly is just so gorgeous. Keep up the great work :)