Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Way to Women's Wellness Art Bras

The Way to Women's Wellness Art Bras are due in by June 1st.  I have decided to make one for the first time after receiving encouragement from Vicki.  I am very excited and the first thing I did was to send dd off to town to buy the right bra for the project.  Well, I was surprised when she came home with two and announced she was making one too!  Now, darling daughter is not a stitcher at all so that she would make this effort has me so pleased and proud.  Here she is toiling away on her submission.  She has been digging into my stash of ribbons, beads, etc. and has even announced that crazy quilting is kind of fun after all!!

1 comment:

Cindy Brick said...

Oh please, please show us the bras when you're done!

(And thanks for coming to visit at my house, too.)