Sunday, April 11, 2010

Embossed Velvet Swap

We are having a small swap at CQI of handmade embossed velvet pieces.  I had treated myself to some lovely velvet and some stamps from Hot Potato so this was a great chance to try them out.

The first one was using a peacock feather stamp on purple.  The embossed part turns mauve.

I also used the purple to make roses and butterflies.

With the red velvet I made a little spider - wouldn't it be fun to embroidery a gold web for him on the velvet?  And the poinsettia stamp is probably my favourite!

The dragonfly and key stamps turned out pretty well too.  For anyone interested in embossing velvet, I posted a tutorial previously.  It is the same method - just the results have improved using the Hot Potato stamps, better velvet and an iron with no steam holes.  This is great fun to do and I am looking forward to seeing what I receive in return in the swap.

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Ann Flowers said...

Oh My those turned out fantastic. Lovely. I know those who swap with you will just love what they got. Look forward to seeing what you receive in return:)

Ann Flowers