Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My entry for Design a Notecard Contest

The Embroidery Association of Canada (EAC) is holding a contest called Design a Notecard.  The entries will be on display at the EAC National Seminar in Saskatchewan and the winners will be photographed and used for a set of Notecards to be sold by EAC.  This is my entry.  Sorry about the photo - the colour is pretty washed out on it. 
The background fabric is a pale yellow silk and the fan is pieced of blue and purple silks.  I used pearl cotton for all the seam treatments on the fan blades as well as for appliquing the fan to the background, using buttonhole stitch.  The gold lace at the top of the fan is a purchased trim.  At the base of the fan I appliqued a black faux leather quarter circle.  To this faux leather I attached a cameo trim selvaged from some thrift store jewelry, attaching it with gold seed beads like a cabachon.  I added some dangly bits of beads and a little cluster of assorted gold beads.  I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, thanks to advice from my friend Leslie who talked me through several revisions.   So, now it is ready to mail off and will actually arrive in time at its destination which is a bonus since I am the Queen of Procrastination!  lol

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