Friday, March 26, 2010

BAS (Build a Seam) Challenge - Week 51 - Wheatear Stitch

This week I would like to challenge everyone to try Wheatear Stitch.  This was a new one on me but I think it has definite possibilities.  Those little straight stitches out to the side just cry to be embellished further, don't they?  lol

I am including a photo tutorial below for anyone else who is not familiar with the Wheatear Stitch and how it is done.  Have fun!

Bring your needle up to the left of where you want the center of your line of stitching to be.  Make a straight stitch  down and to the center, bringing your needle back up to the right of where you started.

Make another straight stitch from the top right to meet the first straight stitch at the bottom.  You have now formed a V with the two straight stitches.  Bring your needle up again below the point of the V.
Slide your needle under the two straight stitches without catching the fabric.
Put your needle down at the same spot again, after passing under the straight stitches.  This forms sort of a detached chain stitch whose top end has been caught by the straight stitches.  Bring your needle up to the left and above to be in position for the second stitch.

You can see the first stitch clearly here, with the two staight stitches and attached chain. You continue on in this manner, making the two straight stitches each time, followed by the chain, as seen below.

I think this is fairly clear - hope so anyway!  Continue on and you end up with a line of Wheatear stitch.

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