Sunday, February 8, 2009

Next UFO on The List

It is my hope that by posting this I will feel some pressure to actually finish it. These are the results of a block swap called Between Friends. They are large blocks, 16", in reds, whites and blacks. They have been sitting here in a pizza box for over a year! As you can see, even the cat is surprised they are seeing the light of day at last. I will need to make additional blocks to have enough for a queen size quilt which is what I want. I would like this done in time to gift my brother with it on his birthday on May 1st. So, I'm pledging to get the blocks made, the top assembled and have it quilted and in the mail in time for the start of May.


quiltlion said...

I wish you luck. Does the cat help? Mine is no help at ALL! He knocks things on the floor!

Lyn G

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

ROFLOL - no help at all, Lyn! Between the time I opened the box and picked up my camera he had already made his move to sleep on the blocks and carefully shed all his fur there! Had to take the picture quick and then put the run on him!