Sunday, February 1, 2009

Build a Seam Challenge - Week 17 (Laced Stitch)

For week 17 of the Build a Seam Challenge I have chosen a Laced Stitch. If you click on the picture you should be able to enlarge it and get a clear view of how it is put together. You start with two rows of tiny vertical stitches done in pairs directly above one another. Then you take your needle and thread through the stitches as seen in the picture. The shape can vary slightly according to how you keep your tension on the thread. I have left the last couple stitches unlaced so you can see the little vertical stitches more clearly.

For anyone just dropping in for the first time, the Build a Seam challenge is open for anyone to try. You can start with this seam or go back and play catch up - totally up to you. The idea is to stretch ourselves a bit and get away from doing the same two or three stitches on our crazy quilting seam treatments all the time. So each week I post a stitch or a starting off place and everyone can challenge themselves to add whatever they like to it in the way of additional stitches, beads, etc to come up with a seam treatment they like. I would love to be able to share some of the seams here so please consider leaving a comment with a link to your blog, flickr album or wherever we can go to see the seam. Thanks!

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Nicki Lee said...

Hi Kerry, Thank you for stopping by my blog - talk about headers! Your CQ header is gorgeous! I've just looked through your stitches and will have to pull out a needle later this evening to practice a few. I'm in the process of dyeing up another 400-500 pieces of laces so check out my blog later next week for some more eye candy.

Hugs back at you!