Friday, February 20, 2009

Bear Tracks Quilt Blocks

I have been battling a flu this last week or so (and losing badly! lol). As a result I haven't felt much like doing anything in the line of housework, etc., so I have been doing a bit of "sane quilting" instead. These six blocks are in a pattern from Quilter's Cache called Bear Tracks.
The little claw bits drove me crazy but it was my own fault. This was for a block lottery at the Mailblocks Yahoo group and I got to choose the block for January. These bear tracks are all done in plaids and I thought it would be a great quilt. Why did I get to choose the block for January? Because I won the December lottery! I am waiting for all the blocks to arrive in the mail for that lottery before I post pictures of them. These bear tracks are in the mail on their way to Melanie - the lucky winner for January.

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