Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scissor Fob

Postscript: Jackie has received her scissor fob and likes it! Bonus - she took a better picture than me which shows off that filigree type metal bead so I have added it here as well.

Well, I had great fun tonight! It is pouring rain and that made for a great stitching evening.

I am in a scissor fob exchange and decided to get on that tonight. I am out at the camper at the lake with limited stash and no shopping opportunities and putting this together was a real hoot.

First off, the swap specified that the fob be on a lobster clasp. None in stash so my keys are now jingling around loose in my pocket - lol. Next, no beading needles and beading thread. What do you have lots of camping though? Fishing line! Managed to get the fishing line through a milliner's needle and put it together with the beads and my favourite little gold spacers in between. That went okay but on the return trip through the needle wouldn't go through the spacers a second time. Drat! They really did look pretty in there. So, I took them out and restrung the beads without the spacers. Had a large hollow filigree ball that I liked so I put that on the end. Didn't think until after mailing might be a problem - I can just imagine that little ball arriving flat! Guess it will have to go in a box. Then I decided to put on a little beaded fringe but no way could I get a needle through the smaller beads. Aha! Forget the needle - fishing line can be thread through the beads as is. I'm puttering away on that and after a few minutes the penny dropped. I could have done the same thing with the spacer beads! Too late though - no more fishing line - so just carried on.

Well, it is done and will be in the mail tomorrow and it was great fun. I love a good learning experience!!

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