Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finished my part on Clairee's RR block

I finished up my seams and motifs on Clairee's round robin block. Next to the lace I added some of my very favourite ribbon. It blends with the colours of the block quite well. It is an organza ribbon with beaded and sequined roses on it - found it at my favourite trim and lace store in Calgary! I just attached it by clear beads here and there.
Well, this was my attempt at a herringbone motif. I attempted an embroidered paisley using all herringbone stitches. It looks a bit better in person than in the picture. The good news is it should frog out fairly easily if Clairee doesn't like it. If nothing else it was a learning experience. It was inspired by some of the TAST herringbone samplers.

I did a fairly simple mauve seam with lazy daisy (detached chain) stitch. In the little patch left between that and "monster seam" I sewed an oya on a bed of feather stitch greenery.
The lace motif I hand dyed to try to get a good colour combination for the block. I attached it with gold sequins and beads. Not really as happy as I could be with that but the mailing deadline is upon me so it stays.

Lastly, here is the block in its entirety after I stitched. There are three more to stitch after me in this round robin and it is heading out in the mail tomorrow to Meg. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone adds as the block goes around and how it ends up when it is finished. I'm also looking forward to the next block and being able to do something besides detached chain and herringbone! lol

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PegSue said...

Love the coloers in this block. The lace motif looks like a delicate cameo. Your work is lovely. Hapy stitching. Peggy