Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Porch Dog

I have been distracted the last couple of days with excitement at home. DD, Katie, has bought and brought home a new puppy. He is about three months old and she has named him Duke. (Anyone else flashing back to Jed Clampett's old hounddog on The Beverly Hillbillies?) I don't actually have a picure of him yet - this is one I took of a littermate of his, the inspiration for this sudden desire for a bloodhound! Katie has been avidly studying everything she can find on bloodhounds on the internet and telling me as much as she thinks I can handle - lol! I drove home yesterday to be there when she brought the puppy home. He was tired from his four hour car ride and a bit dehydrated from the heat so was somewhat subdued but he is definitely a charmer!! I immediately wished he wouldn't be leaving with Katie when she goes off to university.

So, are you wondering why I titled this piece Porch Puppy? My husband's "big project" for this summer is to put a porch on the house. My contribution so far has been to buy porch furniture. I can't see these dogs though without thinking of one sleeping on the front porch - just seems the right place for a dog to get comfy and have a nap!

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Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

OHG, a Bloodhound -- I love them (except for their slobbery kisses LOL.) My dear friend and her boodhound, Josie, are part of the Illinois/Wisconsin Search and Rescue group ---- the tales she can't tell- I hope Katie will love Duke 1/2 as much as my friend has the bloodhounds she has had over the years. The one pictured is a beauty.