Friday, August 15, 2008

Herringbone and Detached Chain Stitch Seam

I am working on Clairee's block in a Sampler Round Robin at CQI. In these round robins each time you work on a block you are concentrating on certain stitches. On Clairee's block I am to be working with herringbone stitch and detached chain stitch. This is the first seam I have done. I started with two rows of herringbone stitch and in the spaces between the rows I made little eight petaled flowers using detached chain stitch (aka lazy daisy stitch).I put a gold bead in the center of each little blue flower. I am very fond of the little gold flower shaped spacer beads and added them on each side, attaching each with a bead. Lastly I added the pink detached chain stitches on the outside edges.

The idea of using these stitches is to get some practice on them. After 346 lazy daisy stitches (yes, I counted! lol) I feel like I got a bit of practice. I know this seam is a little "over the top" but Leslie pointed out to me that you could encrust a seam and I guess I felt like she had thrown down the gauntlet! What to do next though??

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Kathy said...

Very pretty seam treatment. Wow, 346 lazy daisy stitches. You should be master now.