Monday, April 21, 2008

Working on Rosa's Block

This weekend I have been working on Rosa's block for the CQI Novice Anything Goes Round Robin. Rosa's block is all sunflowers and autumn so I have been trying to stay with that theme.
As soon as I saw the block I knew the first thing I wanted to attempt was the sunflower from Pat Trott's wonderful Three-Dimensional Embroidery Stitches book. This sunflower included three stitches new to me: Palestrina knot stitch for the stem, woven picots for the petals and raised leaves. These leaves are the coolest stitch and I will be using them a lor from now on! I also enjoyed the woven picots and can see where they will be very useful in a lot of applications. The center of the sunflower is good old french knots. The second motif I did for Rosa is a bunch of wheat. This time I just winged it - found a photo of wheat that I liked and then used stem stitch, bullions and straight stitch to replicate the photo and tied it together with some silk ribbon. I took license with the photo since I am very fond of bearded grain from my brief dabbling into wheat weaving years ago so I added the beards to the kernels of grain. I'm pretty happy with how it all worked so far - hope Rosa will like it too! I have another motif I will be working on today and then a few seams and it will be ready for the mail, hopefully about the same time the weather breaks here. We are having a week of winter weather here in April, cold temperatures, lots of snow and treacherous road conditions - a great time to stay home and stitch!

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Thelma said...

You done such beautiful work..Love the sunflower and wheat..I have got to sit down and learn the bullion stitch,,,so much you can do with that stitch.