Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished my Work on Gerry's Beaded RR2 Block

I had a lot of fun with Gerry's block and finally finished up my work last night. I could have just kept going... The little round lace was ringed in gold beads by Simona and I thought it was the perfect place to put this little angel I wanted to use. She was part of a piece of jewelry from the thrift store - I liked her size but she still managed to look delicate. I did some work on the central motif Gerry did on her block - used beads and sequins to tart up the lace there next to Gerry's gorgeous silk flowers.
I did a couple of seams in the bottom corner. I had some antiqued gold trim with sequins and beads - found it in the odds and ends bin at a sari shop and could only get that six inches. I added another gold trim on top and then did some beadwork on top of that. The other seam is a beaded fringe I built following one of the patterns in the A - Z of Bead Embroidery book.

This motif is a branch with the stem made from japanese gold thread I couched down. Then I added the sequin and bead flowers that I have fallen in love with lately. There was a big space left so I added a metal leaf.
This beaded round robin is very enjoyable and I can't wait to see what challenges the next block brings with it!

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Thelma said...

Very nice Kerry!