Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some of my work on Gerry's Beaded RR Block

First of all, I better say I can't take credit for the dragonfly in this picture - this lovely little creature was created by Simona, who had the block before me.

Gerry has requested lots of gold and glitter on this block so it is fun watching it develop. The picture doesn't pick up the way everything glitters so you have to use a bit of imagination. In this portion of the block I did a beaded feather stitch on the little seam. On the little piece of lace at the top I added three little metal charms that were perfect for Gerry in my mind. They say "Create - Share - Inspire" and that is what Gerry does on CQI! Her work is always an inspiration. I surrounded the charms with an oval of gold beads. To the left of that I built a small spider web and added a gold spider charm for luck.

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Thelma said...

Absolutely beautiful! She is going to love her block.