Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Leslie's Block Finished

Leslie was kind enough to let me do one of her 6" blocks for her and from the start it told me it wanted to be a garden. I have finished the block now and have learned some new stitches along the way so it was really a lot of fun! Hopefully Leslie will like it as much as I do - lol.

The challenge this month at CQI is flowers using a new stitch or technique so I have accomplished a couple of these on this block. The pansy seam at the top with the buttonhole circles was a new one. The bullion roses were a first for me as were the cast-on pansies in the basket. Up by the robin there is a seam treatment of orchids and I used buttonhole to make the poppy treatment at the bottom. So, that was four new flowers.


piney cq said...

Bullions!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!!! And bees and birds and LOVE the pansies..OHHHHH and poppies??? Goodness!! Thank you sooooo very much, Kerry!!! Its wonderful!!! I love it!

sossy said...

I love that block. I have a lot of trouble with the boullian stitch, but yours is gorgeous!