Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Notes from... the River?

Sometimes I don't blog because I am not getting any stitching done - this time it is because I have been too busy stitching!  Lots to share and will be doing that in the days to come.
A personal note first though - after a summer at home last year, I am back to living and working in a campground again this summer.  Different campground this time so no "notes from the lake" this year.  This campground is very much different from the previous one.  Besides there being no lake, there is a river AND TREES!!  I am very happy not to be sitting on the bald prairie all summer and very much enjoying waking up to so much birdsong every day.  The photo above is my home for the summer - did I mention I love the trees???


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I used to think I could only post if I had work to show...not so now!! This looks like a lovely setting. Where I live, you would need the OFF!! Deep Woods to boot! I always wonder if people that live in other areas have the same insect issues that we do.

Enjoy your summer and POST MORE!!
xx, Carol

Marilyn said...

I'm with you - I love trees. You certainly have a nice setting for your summer reading and stitching :)

Sarah Aldrich said...

Found your blog today, no doubt from a link in another blog. I am also a CQer. Will no doubt spend a lot of time cruising around your blog as I am really trying to build new skills this year. How about "Ramblings from the River" for your campsite posts? Looking forward to following you. Sarah

Anonymous said...

That makes me homesick for the five years Paul and I lived on the road. I'd have to do it alone now ... and in something smaller to pull! I think about it a lot, though.