Saturday, June 7, 2014

Something Neat!

I try to keep the subject of my blog to stitching and not delve too often into other things but this was too neat not to share, even though I posted about gardening last time.  I was weeding the badly neglected flower bed today and found a nest in the potentilla bush.which in itself was kind of amazing since it is only about a foot off the ground!
 Look closer through and you will see three robins eggs and two cowbird eggs.  Cowbirds are a common prairie bird of medium size, black with brown heads, and are nest parasites.  They lay their eggs in another bird's nest and leave them for the unsuspecting bird, in this case a robin, to raise, often with disastrous results for the nesting birds and their offspring.  

I knew about this phenomenon but I had never seen it for myself before and it was such a neat find I had to share it.  Nature works in mysterious ways!


Annie said...

And those are the bluest Robin's egg blue ever! How cool!

Suztats said...

Very neat find. Did you leave the cowbird eggs in the nest?